TSI Services takes safe work practices seriously and incorporates it into our everyday lives both in and out of the work place.  We invest heavily into our safety programs and ensure each of our employees are fully trained to OSHA standards. We also routinely hold refresher courses with our employees. We have Safety approvals from ISNet World, PICS and most recently Browz. All of these approval agencies qualify us to work in various Paper Mills, Chemical Plants, Power Plants and Municipal facilities.

The Safety Competency level of our Safety Professionals is between a 4 & 5.


Our Safety Levels are as follows:

  1. Principles – Respect, Learning, Stewardship, Quality, Joy, Integrity, Compassion, Conservation.
  2. Skills – Framing, sequencing, planning, listening, questioning, presenting, responding, and closing.
  3. Behaviors – Doing the right things, by converting understanding into action and translating knowledge into ability.
  4. Process – Managing Principles, Skills and Behaviors more efficiently. Doing things the right way.
  5. Techniques – Advanced behaviors, tools and capabilities that experienced individuals can use to improve their performance and results. (This is the Level at which Competency must be tested).


We believe everyone has something new to learn and how to manage new or difficult situations presented to them. Each Professional should strive to become more aware and competent when it comes to safety.


Each of our Safety Professionals have over 10 years’ experience managing, delivering and supervising Industrial Projects. Each has the knowledge and understanding of keeping our employees and the people working around them safe. Each does not just rely on their many years of training and experience but routinely keep themselves up to date and aware of new concepts and practices through comprehensive safety training courses and collaboration with other safety professionals. Our safety professionals continually attend safety training through online and class room instruction. Each holds current OSHA and or MSHA certification as well as organizational certifications through Browz, ISNetworld and PICS. Each performs activities through a wide range of complex and non-routine installations, projects and services that we provide. Each has substantial personal autonomy and will continually develop others in the activities they perform. Each also takes a strategic view into every activity to recognize job-site hazards and has the authority to eliminate the hazard. When in need each has a safety team to provide them with expert assistance.


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JHA -Risk Assessment
Fall Protection Inspection Form
Ladder Inspection Form
Aerial Lift Inspection Form


Our SHMS has five primary elements:  

  1. Management Commitment and Planning,
  2. Employee Involvement,
  3. Worksite Analysis,
  4. Hazard Prevention and Control,
  5. Safety and Health Training.

This systematic approach integrates occupational safety and health objectives into our company’s organizational structure. 

The results of a system approach include: 

  • An effective system supports the organization’s philosophy.
  • Safety and health policies and goals are clearly communicated.
  • Accountability for implementing the system is understood and accepted.
  • Long-term solutions are implemented rather than one-time fixes.
  • Evaluation of results over time promotes continual improvement.
  • An effective system positively impacts the company’s bottom line.