Project Implementation and schedules

We appreciate the opportunity to submit a proposal for furnishing design, materials and construction required to complete the scope of work on your project.

We understand that there is a need for quick response and schedule flexibility.  Our branch office is located in Marietta, GA and our Headquarters in Stafford, TX.  We maintain specialized staff and installation crews throughout the southeast who are often locally available and can respond to demanding project schedules.

Before we begin work at site we develop and maintain the needed project implementation plans and schedules you may require. We will maintain these files for the duration of the project while we are on-site.  We recognize priorities may change and not every delivery will go as planned so having the ability to foresee these potential incidences before they happen is important to both our customer and our company. Pre-Planning and communication has played a key role in our success with delivering reliable systems on-time and within budget.

Power Plant

The customer was experiencing critical instrumentation freeze ups causing the unit unplanned downtime. After a careful review of their system designs to verify the initial designs matched the plant needs we preformed a comprehensive field inspection of their heat trace system. …

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Chemical Plant

The client had been experiencing line plugs and reduced process flows and ask for us to design and install a system to correct the process flow issues and eliminate future line plugs. We were able to quickly design, document and …

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Winter Readiness Inspection

The major issues we find are with improperly installed heat trace and wet thermal insulation. Often customers have issues with lines freezing and install what ever heat trace they have on hand for a quick fix. Without going back and completing a …

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