TSI Services is a specialty contractor with EADS Distribution Company. Our office resides in the same building as Control Equipment Company “EADS Southeast Head Quarters”, located in Marietta, GA. We have been designing and installing Heat Tracing, Field Instrumentation & Control Systems for over 15 years. We understand the need for plant process systems to be available and working properly when you need them. We install hardened systems that provide trouble free operations for years after we leave site. We back up all of our work up with a full system warranty including not just the hardware we install but with our labor as well. Our commitment to you is that we will stand behind our work and that’s why offer this extended warranty as one of our standard service offerings. We pay attention to every detail associated with the projects we delivery and always try to save our clients time and money. Our safety record is still perfect without a recordable event on a job site as of this date.


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